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Cool Glasses Just For Kids

Why should the grown-ups have all the fun? Eye Candy Kids is your go-to optical boutique for the best selection of unique frames, sunnies, and sports eyewear in Southeast Wisconsin. We believe glasses should reflect your child’s unique personality and style! Whether your little one is shy and laid back or a superstar in the making, we’ve got the coolest designer eyewear to show off their true colors!

Eyewear for Infants

We offer not only an impressive selection of adorable glasses for infants, but also the expertise to make your little one’s first pair a success! Our knowledgeable team of ABO Certified Opticians has years of optical AND kid experience.

We love working with children. Nothing beats that moment of clarity when they truly see for the first time! When you visit, expect a thorough, one-on-one frame selection and fitting with an Optician. We prioritize a proper fit for an infant’s developing facial features because it is essential to their comfort and success wearing glasses.

Toddler Glasses

When your toddler needs glasses, they need frames to fit their budding personality! We offer an exceptional selection of toddler-sized frames in color combos, patterns and shapes your child will love!

We understand the importance of a proper fit for their developing facial features. Our kid-friendly ABOC Certified Opticians have years of experience working with young children. We’ll help you find the cutest children’s eyewear to comfortably and stylishly fit your toddler!

This age is also the prime time to get your youngster in the habit of protecting their eyes. Sun damage is cumulative and easily preventable by wearing sunglasses or Transitions lenses, which are a simple and practical solution for younger kids. Plus, Eye Candy Kids offers adorable sunglasses for your mini-me’s!

infant eyewear - Nanovista

Your little one will feel like one of the big kids when they get to choose their very own fun and trendy toddler glasses.

sunglasses for girls - JFRey Kids & Teens

With a great selection of ultra-cool eyewear, expect your kid to find frames they’ll be excited to wear!


Sun damage is cumulative and easily preventable. All of our kids lenses offer 100% UVA and UVA protection. And by wearing sunglasses or Transitions lenses (which are a simple and practical solution for kids), your child’s eyes will be comfortable on the sunniest of days. Plus, Eye Candy Kids offers adorable sunglasses for your mini-me’s!


Did you know that nearly 200,000 cases of sports-related eye injuries occur in children each year? And even though eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children, only about 15% of children reported wearing eye protection “always” or “most of the time” when participating in sports, hobbies, or other activities that could cause eye injuries?

While regular eyewear may cover your child’s eyes, these frames are not designed to offer impact resistance. We strongly encourage kids to protect their eyes with sports glasses designed to provide superior impact resistance.

Glasses for Pre-Teens

At a point where they can tap into both children’s and adult’s glasses, pre-teens require specific fitting needs. Tweens can be tough, but Eye Candy Kids is prepped with styles they’ll love! Our ABOC Certified Opticians will help select a frame that not only achieves the look they want, but will also serve them well, functionally and comfortably.

We cater to all kinds of kids, so we carry a wide selection of COOL, trendy, classic eyewear for your tween to choose from and feel confident in!